Monday, August 15, 2011

Match Game!: Match The MAC School To It's Nickname

In association with my work at, covering the Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC), l've put together a "match game" of sorts to challenge you to match the school with it's nickname.

The only concrete rule: No "Googling" allowed.  I can't truly enforce the rule, but I'm counting on that anyone that tries it out will know they cheated and a crisis of conscience will prevent breaking the rule.

1. Toledo
2. Northern Illinois
3. Kent State
4. Buffalo
5. Temple
6. Eastern Michigan
7. Miami (Ohio)
8. Central Michigan
9. Akron
10. Western Michigan
11. Bowling Green
12. Ball State

13. Ohio

A. Bulls
B. Broncos
C. Zips
D. RedHawks
E. Falcons
F. Eagles
G. Bobcats
H. Cardinals
I.  Chippewas
J. Huskies
K. Rockets
L. Golden Flashes
M. Owls

Now give it a try, without cheating, and scroll down and check your answers

1. Toledo- (K) Rockets
2. Northern Illinois- (J) Huskies
3. Kent State- (L) Golden Flashes
4. Buffalo- (A) Bulls
5. Temple- (M) Owls

6. Eastern Michigan- (F) Eagles
7. Miami (Ohio)- (D) RedHawks
8. Central Michigan- (I) Chippewas
9. Akron- (C) Zips

10. Western Michigan- (B) Broncos
11. Bowling Green- (E) Falcons

12. Ball State- (H) Cardinals
13. Ohio- (G) Bobcats

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