Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bruno Boys Fantasy Football-Week 11-"Start 'Ems"

Here are the Week 11 "Start 'Ems" I've put together for Bruno Boys Fantasy Football.

Miami Dolphins' Starting Quarterbacks Since Dan Marino Retired

When Tyler Thigpen starts under center for the Miami Dolphins on Thursday night against the Chicago Bears, he will become the 15th starting quarterback for the team since Hall of Famer Dan Marino retired after the 1999 season.

Which got me thinking about who they have been.    Here is the illustrious list of career backups, former first round picks, etc., with number of starts made (counting playoffs), without Thigpen and his one start included.

1. Jay Fiedler (62)
2. Chad Pennington (21)
3. Chad Henne (21)
4. Gus Frerotte (15)
5. Joey Harrington (11)
6. A.J. Feeley (8)
7. Cleo Lemon (8)
8. Ray Lucas (6)
9. Brian Griese (5)
10. Trent Green (5).
11. Daunte Culpepper (4)
12. John Beck (4)
13. Sage Rosenfels (2)
14. Damon Huard (1)

The Dolphins do, however, appear to have their quarterback of the future in Henne. So there may be some hope here.

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